Monday, December 29, 2008

Nothing says Christmas quite like two men fighting in a cage!

Christmas is all about peace, love, charity and RAGE IN THE CAGE! Steve took Chris, Josh, Patrick and Luke to Vegas to watch the huge MMA Ultimate Fight championship. We girls were much more civilized. We went to Santa Barbara for a day of girl fun. But I must admit when I came home and watched the fights on tv I was a little jealous I didn't get to go. I know I don't seem like the kind of girl that would like a blood sport, but strangely enough, I am!

Mostapha Al' Turk took quite a beating. Click on this photo to see the huge cut on his forehead that is filled with vaseline.

Quinton rampage Jackson knocked out Noguira in the first round.

Ryan Bader and his new best friend, Patrick. That is Josh grinning in the background.

The guys had great seats. the fighters had to walk past them coming and going.

Luke, Chris and Patrick

Steve said Luke was in MMA heaven

The guys view of the Octagon

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandpa Jack's and Vanessa's Christmas visit!

I am not big on decorating for holidays, with the one exception being Christmas! I love the lights, the tree, the stockings! But I especially love our once a year visit from Grandpa Jack and Vanessa. They make it out every year for the boys guitar recital and then every one comes over for lunch and a gift exchange. It is always good to see them.
                                                                              That... is a whole lot of stockings!

                                                                 Ashley, Lindsay, Grandpa Jack and Vanessa

                   Grandpa Jack and Vanessa gave the boys 12 string guitars for Christmas! They love them!

                                       Every one was cold but me... And in my house, the cook rules the temp!

                                                                                              Roxann and Lauren

                                                                                                 David and Kim

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The big reward!

Steve promised the kids $1000 if they made it to their 16th birthday without kissing and Luke is the only one that made it! (Actually, Chris made it to 17, but Steve only made the offer to the 4 younger kids. Chris says unlike Luke, he didn't have an opportunity to kiss anyone...) This is Luke at Grand Panda, his birthday dinner choice, receiving the big bucks! Courtney, Lindsay and Patrick all blew it and agree that no kiss before the age of 16 is worth a thousand dollars! Live and learn! Congrats and happy birthday to Luke!

Just a note from a proud mom... Luke is the baby and holds a special place in everyones heart! He loves his mama, is a good student, treats girls with respect, has developed a very funny sense of humor and is enjoyable all the time! I love him and am so proud of all his accomplishments and hope he does not run out and kiss anyone any time soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lindsay and Mari E couture!

Lindsay, Ashley and Courtney went to Santa Barbara Saturday to model headbands for Mari's website. These are just a few of Lindsay. To see the fabulous headbands, amazing photography and the other beautiful models visit or just click on her link to the left!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bidding Wars, Boa's and Gender Confusion on Broadway!

I know, strange title for a blog post! But allow me to explain. Steve took his three favorite girls to New York for his company's annual Christmas Party! We had so much fun (as you will see from the huge amount of photos) but the highlight of the trip was definitely the night we went to see the broadway play "Hairspray!" We were so grungy after a day of shopping and sight seeing, and we had gotten all dressed up the night before to see Jersey Boys, so we went to the play in jeans and uggs, no make up etc... BAD MOVE!!! After the play, Harvey Feirstein who plays Edna Turnbladt asked for donations for Aids and breast cancer patients that do not have insurance. He said since the show was closing he wanted to auction off part of his costume, the boa's from his dress! Well guess who started bidding? Yes, my husband. And he won! So we got to go backstage to meet the cast and take pics! So fun!!! Pay attention to the photo of me and Lindsay mugging in front of the poster. You can see the boa's and flower from the costume we won!

Backstage with our loot!I have no idea what I will do with it... but it wasn't about the stuff...we sure do wish we had not been such slobs!

Backstage with John Waters! He wrote Hairspray (and is an actor, director etc...) I loved meeting him! I love the offbeat and strange, and his work is both! Hairspray closes in two weeks and this was his last time to see the show. He was leaving to be with his mother for the holidays. He was so gracious to us.

With Harvey Feirstein who plays Edna Turnbladt. I was so sad Harvey changed out of his costume before we took photo's! And yes, that really is his voice!

With Marissa Perry (Tracy Turnbladt) backstage! Nice girl.

30 Rock and Girls in the City

After seeing Jersey Boys (loved, loved, loved it!) we headed over to Rockafellar Center to see the tree and take a ride to the top! 

The Tree!

The girls dancing in the 'light room' at the top of the Rockafellar building.

Us and some of the execs from Ep at Rockafellar Center

Carriage ride in Central Park

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

They tried to make us go to rehab but we said "No,no,no!" Oh fine! We admit it! We have a problem and we are ready to enter rehab! We shopped and ate and shopped and ate... Nyc is an addicts dream...


Shoes are our drug of choice.

But a little chocolate from Max Brenner's is a good fix too. If you ever get to NYC be SURE to stop in! They have every chocolate concoction imaginable!

Italian Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crepes

It's Joel and Lindsay!

If you are a "Soup" fan you will get the title of this post, if not, then you won't! Lindsay got to meet her boyfriend Joel McHale on the set of his show The Soup and watch a live taping. She wants to marry him. Too bad he is already married..,.

What people are thankful for, depends largely on who is asking...

We had a nice, quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving. We spent it with family, although Chris and Mari and Courtney and Josh were in Utah. We missed them. I asked everyone what they were thankful for and discovered that the answer largely depends on who is doing the asking.... I asked Steve and he said "You", then I asked Patrick and he said "You and food" which kind of go hand in hand I think. I asked Lindsay and she said, and I quote " I am thankful for you mom, even though you won't make me breakfast and lunch any more because (now in a naggy voice imitating me) 'I am 21 and can make it myself!' you used to be a good mom!" Luke said "You and well, everything!" Do you see a theme here??? Chris and Mari broke the mold by saying they are grateful for their jobs and that in these trying economic time they are able to get by. Mari added she is grateful for her iphone. Courtney is thankful for her 'wonderful husband who loves and respects her' and Josh said he was thankful for family and Turkey bowl football. He also randomly stated that "child labor laws are silly and outdated" I agree! I am thankful for all the people below (and many friends and family not pictured) and the many ways in which they enrich my life. I love them all more than I can say!

I am thankful for Chris and Mari. They are such hard workers and never complain! They are also so sweet to eachother. He is a wonderful son and she is the best daughter in law ever!

I am thankful for Steve's mom, Rita and her husband, Glade. They are supportive, wonderful people. They are excellent grandparents and have always been there for us!

I am grateful for my mom (center) who is a great example to me. She is so healthy and energetic she puts me to shame! I am grateful for my sister, Pam and her husband Steve (left) and my other sister, Leanne and her husband, Dave (not pictured) and wish they were with us! I am grateful for Steve's siblings, Mark and Roxann, Cynthia and Curtis, and Richard and Rhonda too.It is so wonderful to have extended family close by! I am also grateful for my husband! I got a good one!

I am grateful for Josh and Courtney. She is a sweet daughter and he takes care of her so I don't worry so much! They are both so responsible and level headed! It amazes me!

I am grateful for Luke, Patrick and Lindsay for the fun they add to my life! I love taking care of them because I know they will be leaving way too soon! And for cousins, nieces and nephews (pictured above and below and some not pictured.. darn it!) that make life more fun and interesting!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Real Must see....

I never post about things like this, BUT I found this so interesting. We watched a documentary called "The Origins of Aids" on the Sundance Channel. It is a documentary filmed after the book "The River" made the startling declaration that scientists accidentally created the Aids virus by using chimpanzee cells in polio vaccines. Those polio vaccines were then given to millions of Africans in the Congo and thus AIDS was born. Frightening to say the least and still unproven (spoiler alert! it looks really, really bad for the scientists involved....) but if you like documentaries, this one is excellent!