Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucy's Six Month Photos

Amazing photography provided by Christine Olson.
Amazing baby provided by Courtney and Josh.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Luke Busts a Move at the Momo prom

Luke is finally going to the Mormon Prom!

Luke and his lovely date, Britney Johnson
A fine looking group of upstanding young people, if I do say so myself:)

Luke and Jesse posing by a trash can.

Then Luke busted the moves that are going to charm all the ladies...
Yep that's right...

He's white...

Ain't no shame in that!

Monday, April 18, 2011

When Harry ('s daughters) Met Luke...

So I have a funny Luke story for you. I wrote this to Patrick but thought it was too funny not to share with more people....

We were is Sundance over the weekend to get the boat ready and visit Courtney, Josh and Little Lu. Saturday night we went to a new restaurant in the the Riverwoods shopping center called La Jolla Groves. We had a nice dinner with Samantha and her fiance Chad (they are officially engaged!) and Daniel and Natalie. The food was good, you will have to try it when you get home. So after dinner we are standing out front because there was a 'battle of the bands' going on. Then Harry Connick Jr, his Victorias Secret model wife, Jill Goodacre and their daughters walk by. I looove Harry, we saw him in concert at the Hollywood Bowl a few months ago and it was my favorite show ever. Well they were seated in the restaurant right by a big plate glass window. We were on the other side of the big window listening to music, talking and playing with the baby when Courtney said "Luke Harry's daughters are checking you out" so of course Luke starts talking about he is going to go in and walk up to the table and hit on the girls right in front of their dad. Which then got offers of money on the table from dad and Josh to do so... we walked all the way to the car with them trying to get Luke to do it with "wussy" talk and offers of money when Luke finally says "I'm gonna do it!" So we all start walking back to the restaurant. The whole way there Luke is 'warming up'... literally. He was swinging his arms like he was getting ready for an athletic event, breathing deeply and kept rehearsing what he was going to say. We were all laughing hard...I had tears.

So we get back to the restaurant and we try to act nonchalant while positioning ourselves to have a good view of the window but not have it obvious we were watching. I separated myself from the group and tried to film as inconspicuously as possible with my phone when a man is suddenly standing next to me talking on his phone and I look up and Harry Connick Jr is two feet from me as I try to film his family.... oops... I don't think he caught on and I skidaddled... so no photo documentation darn it!!! So Luke walks up to the table... we watch him chat, squirm and out he comes. He says he walked up (and was so glad the dad had stepped outside) and he says "So girls I saw you and think you are really cute and was wondering if I could get your number and maybe we could go do something sometime." He says the girls all looked sort of confused and one says "Well we are from Connecticut." He says the mom was really sweet and tries to make him comfortable by making small talk. She says "Oh this is sooo cute" and tried to make a little conversation and then says "Oh were you out there with that darling little baby?" at which time Luke realized the girls were not looking at him at all, but had been looking at Lucy!!!! Hilarious. So he says "Okay see ya!" and leaves.... Ha! But that is not the end. Dad, watching through the windows ays "Oh Luke the girls are getting a lecture from their mom" and before we can blink the oldest (who it turns out was only 15) is outside with us and says "I am sorry, I am afraid I came off as rude. I am Georgia , ..." then she makes small talk, shakes our hands, explains that she did not intend to be rude and that she is from the east coast and blah blah... so long story short, it was hilarious and Luke made $30 and got no numbers! But it' s a great story he can tell his friends.. I mean how many boys can say a Victoria's Secret Model actually spoke to them?!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Patrick's Mission Adventures!

Patrick had his first baptism! He was really excited.
Super cool Elder Spiker in the sunglasses we sent him for Christmas.

Nothing to worry about... mosquitos in Argentina never carry Dengue fever.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving in Sundance...yeah it was all about Lucy.

We spent Thanksgiving in Sundance. And it was pretty much all about this little one above. We couldn't get enough of her. She is such a good baby.

Chris and Mari both met Lucy June for the first time!
(above and below at out favorite restaurant The Communal)

We took our Christmas photos in the backyard of the cabin... it was like 3 degrees. Excuse my abbreviation but WTH (the 'H' stands for heck btw)? How does anyone stand it? We came home to temps in the mid 70's...I love California. But I do love Sundance the rest of the year!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patrick's Mission Adventures!

Our little Patrick is having quite the adventure in Argentina. He loves it. He loves everything about it. He loves the language, the people, the weather, the city and the food... oh the food. Patrick's emails are mostly about food. He raves about the empanadas, the carne asada, the pastas. He is even learning to cook himself and has requested many recipes from home! He was sick for the last three weeks with"everything Argentina has to give." Poor kid. But he is feeling better now. Here are a few photos he sent in his last email.

In Centro

Inside the Catholic Church in Centro

They built a fire on their balcony so they could makes s'mores.... don't worry it's perfectly safe. Nineteen year old boys are known for their good decision making abilities.
One night Patrick was walking along a dark path and kicked something. He saw it dart away and thought he had kicked a puppy. He ran after 'the puppy' and it was actually a giant toad. The photo above reminded me a lot of the photo below... and made me want to cry.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucy June Arrives!

Courtneys water broke at 5:30 am after several days of contractions.
They arrived at the hospital in good spirits!

Lindsay and I show up to be the support team.

Still feeling great and ready to go...
Uh oh... those contractions kicked in...

Ahhhhh the epidural. Courtney got some rest.
The grandma's waiting patiently! This is Bonnie's 13th!

Lindsay took her ice chip responsibility very seriously!

At 6:06 pm miss Lucy June arrives! She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long. Tiny!

The happy new family.

Daddy admiring his new daughter.

I know, I know... you are all thinking "That is THE most beautiful baby ever born", which is funny because that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!
All cleaned up and wearing a hair accessory (did anyone doubt???) that Aunt Mari and Uncle Chris gave little Lucy June.
Lindsay was very tired after watching Courtney work so hard. She needed a nap!

Uncle Luke and his new niece!
Grandpa gets a smile!

Little Lucy June back at the cabin and getting a little burp.
She is so tiny and looks exactly like Court did! We are so smitten!