Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun at Lake Naci!

To view, press play and after you view, it offers you more videos. Make sure you check out the cliff jump!
Luke never wakes boards, but this is him! He even tried to jump the wake
Melan: Patrick

Steve Skiing like a twenty year old

Day trip to Cambria tide pools

Steve, Pat and Luke spent a week fishing in Utah. They caught some hungry cut throats at Strawberry Lake. Each day they caught over 40 fish.  Luke caught the biggest fish though there is a dispute over this claim. Patrick caught a huge fish in the marina before the challenge began, cheating accusations are being made... 
Steve Andretti SpikerDang, I look good in a uniform.

Alan, Steve, Glenn and Ken preparing to tee off in Vegas.
Steve in his new car. He says he about pooped his pants when he hit the corner going 155 mph. 
For Christmas I gave Steve a day at the Jeff Gordon-Mario Andretti race school. He said it was the most exciting thing he has ever done! Yay me! I finally gave him something good! Besides the kids of course...Steve spent a weekend in April with his friends racing Indy cars and golfing. The ultimate testosterone trip! The top speeds where nearly 160 MPH. They had a great trip and managed to fit in five rounds of golf.