Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What is a Lindsayism? A Lindsayism is a quote or comment made by Lindsay Spiker that makes us all laugh/cry... There have been many over the years....here are a few.

Comes out of her room at 2pm saying "Mom everytime I wake up, you are vacumning!"

After her father gave her a fathers blessing the night before school she opened her eyes and said " If i get straight B's on my report card, will you buy me an Audi?" Straight B's????She was serious.

Entering our beautiful house after being at a friends nicer house "We need to move. We live in a hole."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Miss This Girl

I want to her to come home.

Everything old is new again!

Steve and I on our way to church. Okay, that is a lie. We went to the Entertainment Partner's Swingin' 70's Party! It was grooooovey baby! I actually liked my snake skin pants. The afro? Not so much!


So I am on my morning walk, enjoying the lake and all the nature...you know, the occasional white crane, the ducks, the geese, a turtle floating nearby, when all of a sudden I see this! I think maybe he was a pet and someone dumped in in our lake. I think I will buy a high pitched whistle and some anchovies and try to train him! True story!


Patrick and Luke competed in a triathalon at Castaic Lake. They both biked, swam and ran all 3 legs of the race. patrick came in 4th place!