Monday, August 25, 2008

That Judy Phan...

She's the best!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Olympian in the Family!

Steve's cousin Jake Spiker Gibb is on the Olympic Beach Volleyball team of Gibb/Rosenthal! They have won their first four matches! It so exciting to have an olympian in the family and strange as well...who would have thought Steve could have a 6' 7" relative? Any way every time we hear the commentators discussing that he is a "Spiker" we get a kick out of it! Go Gibb/Rosenthal!

Sayonara to our wonderful neighbors!

Our wonderful neighbors, the Phillips family have moved to Japan! Although we feel very betrayed and abandoned we still miss them terribly. They were great neighbors. Here is a top ten list of things we liked about them.
10. They never complained.
9. The little girls called us Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve.
8. The little girls would tell Lindsay to clean her room (she didn't)
7. The little girls would ask me (Linda) if my dad (Steve) was home!
6. They gave us lots of green tea.
5. Bill and Rinna wouldn't let the girls have a dog, making us not look like such bad parents.
4. Grandma from China made us Chinese food!
3. They have given us a good reason to visit Japan.
2. The girls played chess and Guess Who with us when we were bored
1. They are wonderful people and great neighbors!