Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas, Kisses, Cookies, New Years and Zombies???

We had a very relaxing, fun Christmas. As you will see below we did a lot of fun things while Court and Josh were in town. We spent New Years seeing the musical Smokey Joe's Cafe... can't say I recommend it. But we still had fun, as you can see above, we wore our party hats!

We decorated cookies...

And everyone wanted to kiss Mari... I am not sure why. She has violent tendencies. Anytime someone says or does something she doesn't like she threatens to stab them. I think she may need professional help.

Some of the finished cookies.

The boys thought it would be fun to shoot my recessed lights. They left the nerf darts on the light and they melted. Did I mention this was a 'boy' idea???

I got all the men/ boys those cool remote control helicopters, which they loved!... for fifteen minutes. Then they were all broken.

Courtney getting even with a nerf gun. A girl can only take so much tormenting before she strikes back!
The guys spent a lot of time watching football on the couch.

Lindsay..... soooo not a morning person!

On Christmas morning we had a fright when a zombie entered the living room unexpectedly! Courtney stabbed her thru the heart with some kind of zombie killing weapon and all was well. Seriously though, have you ever seen a scarier picture of a cute girl? Click on it for the full effect!

The girls snuggling down to watch Christmas Vacation

Two of my handsome men.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have a dream!

Okay, I have a dream, it may not be as lofty and idealistic as Martin Luther Kings dream, but it goes a little something like this... we buy a little house in Santa Barbara, a fixer upper, we invest a little money, a little elbow grease, have bamboo floors laid and decorate it in the style from Simplese (the store in the Bristol Farms shopping center) very European, everything off white, contemporary, but casual, beachy, but not shabby ( I actually have this house completely decorated in my mind, right down to the bathroom fixtures and lighting)... We go there on weekends. The kids come to visit, we ride bikes, play games, put together puzzles, shop, eat at little cafes, play with the grand children.... Nice dream, huh? But for now we will just have to make the hour and ten minute drive and do all those things, like we did last weekend!
Mari and Court trying on tacky hats.

Santa Barbara has great stores and yummy cafes!

All I could think about as I rode this thing was "Gob" from Arrested Development!

Patrick scaring his mother.

Me and Chris. Mari took this picture over her shoulder, while riding a bike. Impressive!

The boys on their Segues! Luke doesn't care about getting a license. He just wants one of these!

Courtney, Mari and Me

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Steve's the man.... the old man!

So Steve turned 51 on Dec. 23rd! We took him to Salt Creek on his actual birthday and then to Peach Tree Pottery in Mar Vista for some fun family time. Steve is an awesome husband and terrific dad. We all appreciate him so much. It's hard to buy him gifts... let's face it, if he wants something, he buys it! So I have been trying to be creative and give him experiences instead of gifts. If you have never done a pottery class, try it!
Patrick and me! You know, I am not nearly as fat as I think I am...

Chris flashing gang signs. He belongs to a really scary gang called 'lawyers'. They are the most feared gang in all the land!

Mari getting instruction from our teacher, Linda. I am pretty sure Linda is an awesome person, because awesome people are often named Linda. Or maybe it was just a popular name in the sixties. But I going to stick with my first theory.

Lindsay...Isn't she lovely?

Courtney's bowl fell over 2 times, so she ended up with a small 'plate'.  That is a sad face!

Josh's pot was beautiful... Court's was beautiful in it's own way...

Luke and Steve "coning up".

The finished product! Aren't they pretty? I love them!