Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patrick's Mission Adventures!

Our little Patrick is having quite the adventure in Argentina. He loves it. He loves everything about it. He loves the language, the people, the weather, the city and the food... oh the food. Patrick's emails are mostly about food. He raves about the empanadas, the carne asada, the pastas. He is even learning to cook himself and has requested many recipes from home! He was sick for the last three weeks with"everything Argentina has to give." Poor kid. But he is feeling better now. Here are a few photos he sent in his last email.

In Centro

Inside the Catholic Church in Centro

They built a fire on their balcony so they could makes s'mores.... don't worry it's perfectly safe. Nineteen year old boys are known for their good decision making abilities.
One night Patrick was walking along a dark path and kicked something. He saw it dart away and thought he had kicked a puppy. He ran after 'the puppy' and it was actually a giant toad. The photo above reminded me a lot of the photo below... and made me want to cry.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010