Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Improvement!

We were busy this last few months around the old homestead!
 We tore out the built in BBQ which was taking up too much needed space, 
bought a small bbq and a lot of furniture! 
Now that we are done... time to invite the friends over and fire up the grill!
Pretty n'est pas?

We also added two new fountains. This is the one in the front courtyard! Love it!

For years I have wanted a house with a red door and black shutters. In my mind the house was white. 
But since my next door neighbors house is white we opted for a taupey grey/tan color, white trim, 
black shutters and awnings and, of course, the amazing red door! I love how it turned out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I need a volunteer!

Someone volunteer to change my blog design up! I don't know how... Please, please please! I just want something cute and more hip than what i have...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Steve bought me a bike for Valentines Day!
It's just a 3 speed cruiser for pedaling around on little errands.
I rode to yoga, then came home and got Steve to ride to Trader Joe's with me to pick up a few
things for dinner. He bought himself a bike too...

Isn't it cute?

Steve's bike!

I wanted a basket on my bike for trips to the market. Here are the goods from TJ's!
Yum organic fresh squeezed Oj and pomegranate seeds!
I love to walk around the lake everyday and now I can ride too!

I am pretty sure my husband is Latino... and I think this little
accessory proves my theory correct. He denies his latino
roots but he had the bike shop put a Dias de Los Muertos head on his bike.
I don't know why he doesn't just admit it, I happen to find Latino men muy guapo!

Our yummy Valentines day dinner! I made kabobs, spinach salad with heirloom tomatoes from the Newhall farmers Market, broccoli , carrots, and couscous with currants, pine nuts and shallots (also from the Farmers Market, I went with my cute friend Kerri and her adorable daughter Sienna on Thurs.) The older I get the more of a home body I become. I am happiest in my house, eating delicious food that I make (no waiting for a table and spending too much money on mediocre food!) and spending time with the people I love most!
It was perfect day for me!

Patrick Got Accepted to BYU!!!!

The following is a really corny recreation depicting actual events which occurred
in the Spiker household on February 13th 2009.

Patrick high fives his brother upon reading an email
from Brigham Young University stating he has been accepted.
He will be attending BYU this fall.

Patrick doing the happy dance.

Patrick hugging his proud mother whose exuberance
about the good news is evident on her face.

Patrick then celebrated with dad while calling friends
and family to tell them the good news!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lindsay and the Three B' words

Well I know the title probably led you to believe this post is about Lindsay and three of her friends... but in this instance the three b' words are Birthday, Brunette and Boyfriend... (although Lindsay calls him her special friend). Yes, Lindsay turned 21 years old... think of all the time I will save not having to search her purse for fake ID's....

Lindsay looking at her favorite cinnamon creme cake and wondering "How can I move out and still get my dad to pay for everything.... I know, I will wish for it and blow out all my candles and my wish will come true..."

                    In case you didn't notice Lindsay is now a deep auburn/brunette. We love it. I even considered doing it! 
But i am too chicken... Here is the birthday girl making the sugar fly!

This is Lindsay and her 'special friend', Curtis. He is nice. 
I like him because he encourages Lindsay to clean her room. And he has a crush on me... 
We love you Lindsay! Happy birthday!