Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Planting

I always come home from the Pasadena showcase house filled with inspiration! Last year it was all about patios.... which ended with us tearing out the old BBQ, buying new furniture, umbrellas, and huge pots and filling them with dwarf fruit trees! (see our feb. post 2009) Well this year my husbands wallet got off easy. I came home inspired to plant succulents! We always plant color in pots on our tables, which die in the summer heat. So I ran to the nursery, came home and filled the pots I bought last year with succulents. I think they will be easier to keep alive and I love the way they look! The whole project only took an hour!

This is blue agave which the nursery guy told me is what they make Tequila out of 
so you know what that means...  partaaaay at my house! 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy Birthday and Mothers Day Batman!

Mothers day and my birthday always coincide. It seems like the everlasting celebration! 
Too much food, too much cake, too many gifts... hmmmm ... okay scratch that last one.

The celebrating started on Saturday when we met my sister Pam and her husband Steve for dinner after Lukes Volleyball tournament in Redondo Beach. 

Then the next day we had the fam over for a Mothers Day BBQ. These pretty tulips are from Steve's mom.

Sweet Caroline! Steve's cousin Marali, her husband Kevin and their baby came too!
As you can see Caroline was starved for attention.

Courtney sending me Mother's day love from Utah!

Me and my posse.

Steve and his mom. I have never seen a photo where these two look more alike! Genes are a powerful thing.

Mi Madre!

Patrick serenading  his first little groupie!

More groupies! I think one of them pulled out a lock of his hair.

Mom, Mark, Marali, Kevin

Birthday lunch with my girls Jammie and Janelle.

Yes we ate this. All of it. And it rocked.

After singing myself a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to me
 ending in "I am so awesome" I blew out the candles. I have a tendency to be silly.

And because we still needed to eat more... dinner at Salt creek with the family!
Now the diet begins... on Monday??

This is my Mothers Day/Birthday present from my husband. Awesome... now if I just knew how to use it! And just in case you were wondering....47!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's that time of year!

Patrick rockin' the tux!

No I am not his date....

Christie Ann is! Cute and very sweet girl.

Patrick...always the shy one.

The whole gang. Love the bright pink Betsy Johnson dress!