Friday, May 21, 2010

Adios Elder Spiker! We will miss you!

Well, it's over. The long anticipated drop off is a thing of the past. On monday the 10th Steve, Patrick and I left for Utah. We stayed at the cabin, playing, eating good food (which Patrick appreciated after 9 months of cafeteria food) and taking care of a few last minute details before... dun, dun, dun... dropping Patrick off curbside at the MTC. So this is how the final moments played out. We got ready in the morning, packed Patrick up, and then Steve gave Patrick a fathers blessing during which Courtney and I were weepy.

Patrick's first missionary care package.

Patrick and his first mission companion Elder Dwight Shrute.

Then we went to lunch at an amazing little bistro in Provo called the Communal. Patrick was showing his first signs of nervousness during the meal. Up until then he was cool as a cucumber! After lunch we drove to the MTC. We were greeted by an elderly man who told us to go to station 17 to drop Pat off. He then asked "Is everybody happy is this car?" I had been, but as soon as he asked the tears started. As we drove to station 17 we passed all these missionaries lining the curb. They were waving and smiling and helping the new drop offs. One mischievous missionary made eye contact with me, put his fists up to his eyes and then twisted them imitating crying... little jerk. Actually it gave us all a good laugh and kind of broke the tension. We pulled up to station 17 and two young men (who are now in Chile) helped us with Patrick 's bags and reassured us all was well. They were so sweet and helpful, except they are not allowed to touch our cameras which is why we don't have a full family shot... boo!

Patrick getting his bags.

Last pic with the parental units...
And with Courtney.
We then kissed, cried and off he went with his new friends. Kind of like dropping him off at summer camp if summer camp lasted two years and was in Argentina. We know he is ready, we know he is doing well in the MTC, we know he will come safe and better than before BUT we also know we will miss him very, very, much. Adios Patrick we love you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patrick's Big Adios!

Patrick spoke in church on Sunday the 25th. He did an amazing job. He spoke on the blessings of the restoration of the gospel. I was so amazed at how mature he seemed. And I got teary a few times as I watched, thinking about how I would not see him for two years. He has grown up so much since leaving for university. And I know those changes will pale in comparison to the changes he will make in the 24 months he will serve in the mission field. We had a big family dinner and then a dessert for everyone! The house and yard were packed! But it was so good to see all the people who have helped him become who he is in one place at one time! Lots of hugs and tears.... to be repeated... when he comes home in two years!!!


The first hatchlings of the year are out and about! We look forward to the baby ducks and geese every year... and unfortunately the years are passing faster and faster! Now is the time to bring your kids by the lake, in a few weeks these tiny, cute, little ducklings are awkward ugly teenagers! Now that we can hear the ducklings peeping, it feels like spring!