Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Lindsay!

my mother is posting this because she feels guilty because I am the only child she did not do a birthday post for and I called her out on it... so don't think she is all loving and bla bla bla... this is a guilt post and nothing more...

This is my daughter Lindsay and here is her birthday poem...

Lindsay, Lindsay sweet and fair,
Lives her life without a care,
Prettier than a flowers bloom,
She never, ever cleans her room,

Her hair is red, her eyes are green,
In the morning she is really mean,
Like a bird she sings so sweet,
She has freaky long toes on her feet,

She makes me laugh all the time,
I have now run out of rhyme...
So happy Birthday Lindsay Lu,
You are now twenty-two!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas In the Hood

We went to Santa Monica to take our annual Christmas picture. I wanted a graffiti wall to be our background and I found an awesome one! It's an office building on the corner of Cloverfield and Broadway. I am scouting crack houses for next years photo. Judy Hailey, the photographer that shot the kids weddings took these. Here are a few of my faves... (click to enlarge)

The 2009 Spiker Family Card

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Bedtime Story: The Bully and the Completely Innocent, Nice Boy

Once upon a time, two nice boys were shoveling snow... one wearing only boxers.

Then there appeared an ogre, a huge beast with a particularly large head.

He attacked the poor, unassuming boxer wearing boy while the boys father used his iphone video to document the unprovoked attack ( he later sent the video to friends and family)

The poor boxer wearing boy tried his best to escape the ogres grasp.

His attempts were futile as the beast was just too powerful.

When the beast was satisfied with his misdeeds he ran back to his underground lair.

The clothed boy was left unharmed. The moral of the story? Never shovel snow while wearing only boxers when a big headed ogre is present.
The End.