Monday, June 28, 2010

30 years!?

How is it possible that we have been married 30 years? Although in one way it seems like 30 years, we have had six children, lived in 3 apartments, bought 3 houses have watched our children go from babies to missions, college, careers, and now becoming parents themselves! But on the other hand it seems like yesterday we got married and started a life together. We leave for Sundance tomorrow so tonight we had my favorite "Salmon Dolce Caldo" at Sisley!! I could eat it everyday! Then we had cheesecake! I forgot how good refined sugar tasted... I have been off refined carbs for over a month after all... one slip couldn't hurt... right???


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mothers day and sac taps... the way things go in our weird family.

Mothers day and my birthday sort of got lost in the 'getting Patrick off on a two year mission to Argentina' hubbub. But we did do a little photo documentation despite the craziness. Courtney was in Salt Lake and Lindsay was in Mexico BUT Chris spent the night (Mari was in Utah) so I had all my boys together!

Our photo shoot started as all things do when it's just me and the kids... calmly, quietly, just me and Patrick.

Then Luke joined in. Again a nice family moment, pictures with mom on Mothers day...

Ah, my oldest Chris joins the party. Mellow, relaxed, everyone looking good...

Dad says "I want a picture" Notice the change in energy immediately???

Then he sac taps Luke... Photo shoot over. Notice how happy Mr. Spiker is with himself. This is my life... in a nutshell.