Monday, February 25, 2008

Living in Cali is a beautiful thing!

The boys have already started wake boarding! Living in So Cal is great! This is Patrick doing a back roll on Lake Castaic first try. Backroll in January

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I look like myself only younger...

So when the girls and I had our pedicures for our 'girls weekend' (see photos below) I had one of the oddest 'you look just like...' experiences. Let me set the scene. The four of us, me, Courtney, Lindsay and Mari made a group appointment, came in together, were seated together and chatted, laughed and talked thru the whole hour. My tech, a really sweet girl with a strong Vietnamese accent kept telling me I looked just like someone that comes in the salon. She said " You look lie lady that come in here. You look just lie her. She have daughta and they come together." I would say "oh really?" "Yes, yes you look so much lie her... she have blonde hair lie you, she look just lie you... if she come in I point her for you..."  I am thinking 'Wow, I would like to see this person' because this girl is asking if I have a sister etc. she must look an awful lot like me! Toward the end of the pedicure Lindsay says something and I guess my girl looked at her for the first time and very excitedly says while she is pointing at Lindsay "I know who you look lie!!! You look just like her motha!" I said very confused "I am her mother" and she actually says "No she come in here with her motha and you look just lie her motha only you look younger". Well of course we all burst out laughing and I explained to her the reason I look so much like Lindsay's mother is that I am her mother and we do come in together sometimes (like at that moment) but here is the kicker, she says "I rememba you sit ova there and you say to her 'you need move out!' and she say 'No mom I no want move out' and you say 'Yes! You need move out, go to school and learn something new!" At this we all laughed hysterically because she remembered our exact conversation. It was dead on.... well, except for the accent and I don't leave out the word 'to' as often as she does... So I learned that not only do I look a lot like myself, only younger, I also learned that maybe I should save certain conversations for home!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Steve's Big 50

Steve, Glenn, Ken and Scott spent a week in Kauai playing golf, zip lining, snorkeling and scuba diving. We had a great trip.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Girl's Weekend!

For Christmas we gave the girls a weekend filled with girl stuff. We started with pedicures, then off to Hipcooks! We made amazing food and ate every bit of it. The next morning we went to Santa Barbara and shopped State St. Eating, shopping and getting pampered! It's what we girls do best! Besides complaining, of course....