Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Newport trip!

Hmmmmm... I wonder how this book made the best seller list......We love our trips to Newport! Beautiful weather, nice people, homes we can't afford! What's not to like! We take this trip with the extended Spiker Family and now that so many kids are married and having babies, it's even more fun and rare that we all get together.

Courtney and baby Scotty. He is borrowed... maybe someday soon she will have her own!

Court and Mari hangin' by the pool!

We rented a little boat and took a fun trip around the harbour to look at all the amazing houses.

On the ferris Wheel at Balboa Island with Lindsay. Apparently she hurt her head...she is wearing a bandage.

We finally went to Pageant of the Masters!

The boys playing on the beach. I want to live in Newport!

We buried Josh and then Courtney licked his face...I am not sure why, but he seemed to like it...newlyweds...