Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parents Weekend at BYU!

It was parents weekend at BYU. Since we had not seen Patrick for 3 whole weeks, we packed up and headed for Utah! We stayed with Courtney and Josh in Sugerhouse but spent a lot of time in Sundance. On Saturday our day went a little like this...
Taking the ski lift up to the hiking trails...

We decided on Stewart Falls...

The incredible scenery along the way!

Just breathtaking. The photos really don't do it justice!

Patrick, Josh, Luke and Courtney

Boys, being boys.

Boys.. being well stupid, and scaring their mom.

This photo of Robert Redford and his daughter in Sundance
hangs in the hallway of the resort.
Dinner with all the boys at the Foundry Grill... Yum!
And finally... The game!

Patrick and his friends getting their game faces on.
BYU defeated Colorado State quite handily! Yay Cougars!

It was a great day! Busy but fun. We miss the kids but are so glad they are enjoying their time in Utah. And it just gives us more reasons to visit!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My son is so Cool.

Check out this awesome video of my college son. (ha! I logged on this morning and Patrick posted this himself...including the little comment below.)
No wonder all the girls at BYU love him.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Oprah effect!

My friend Victoria Duvall makes the most delectable gourmet cookies ever! She just made Oprah's "O" list! We should have invested...dang! Click here to read the story!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patrick Goes to School

So we dropped Patrick off at BYU!
It all started with a haircut! Courtney had to get her Cali long haired
little brother upto the strict hair over the ears standard!

After... notice the photo over his right shoulder.

The dorm

Patrick in front of the view from his dorm. We will be hiking up to the "Y"( behind him click for a better view) at the end of the month when we go up for the BYU/Colorado St game!

Patrick and his room mate Justin.

Chris helped us to get Patrick all signed up, purchase books, and moved into the dorm! Here Patrick is contemplating how nice it was of his brother to do that!

Move in day!

The kids putting their education where their mouths are.. those are their BYU id cards.

We went up to the canyons for s'mores... we made some, but nobody ate them.
We like the idea of s'mores more than the actual taste and consequences of s'mores.
Joshua killed a tree so we could stay warm... in august.
We are so proud of Patrick and wish him nothing but success! He is a great boy and we miss him very much already! One to go...