Friday, July 24, 2009

Newport... land that I love

I love Newport! Every year the weather is a perfect 75 degrees with a nice breeze. And every year I beg my husband to move there. He always has the same lame story 'we can't afford it and I work in Burbank' or some such nonsense... I don't know why I can't hear him but I won't... I mean, can't. But here are the reasons I love it...

The Views...

The family bbq's and campfires...

The beaches...

the juggling beach minstrels...

The water...

Balboa Island...

Cousin Cody won the big fish competition and was rewarded nicely!

The guy working the trampoline decided to make an example of Luke. He got him bouncing so high that a crowd gathered and then he said very loudly "Luke do me a favor, quit farting" We all thought it was funny...cuz we are 12. Be sure to click on this one!

The Pools...

This is my sister... I hate her.

We had a great trip and arrived home after an hour and 15 minute drive to a 40 degree temp difference (yep 109 baby!)

Lindsay will live with us forever

Lindsay bought a car... a nice car.  I said "Lindsay you know this means you will live with us forever" Her reply? "I figured I was going to live with you forever anyway so I might as well have a nice car."  You certainly can't argue with that logic!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Annual Trip to Lake Naci!

We bought a super cool digital underwater camera. It broke while cliff diving... sooo not cool! As a result, we got very few photos and videos in the water. Boo! Here are a couple we did get before disaster struck. Click on the photo to enlarge. One boy would be on the tube with the camera while the other boarded. Make sure you watch the video till the end to see the wipe out!

The boys modeling the jackets they buy every year. I think they now have every color.

The whole gang at dinner.

Peace, love and harmony!
Every year we make the trek from Lake Naci to Morro Bay for a day trip. It let's us escape from the heat and have a little beach fun. It's a spectacular drive and we stop at the wineries and cider houses along the way for some yummy treats and pomegranate juice. We stop in Cambria and Harmony too. Harmony says population 18, but it's really Population:1. Apparently seventeen people have moved.
I love doors old doors .

Harmony wants you to sign a petition to save their post office. You know, for that one person who lives there. He/she may need to drop off a package once in a while.
Morro Rock

Luke, Justin, Kyle and Patrick

Yes, Kyle is doing exactly what you think he s doing. I think Kyle may have become waaaaay too comfortable around me!